Strategic Planning

Identifying goals and objectives, coordinating, integrating and leveraging resources, analyzing the opposition, seeing over the hill and finding the best way forward – strategy is simple stuff. Not.

From Sun Tzu to Carl von Clausewitz to Bear Bryant, great strategic minds see big pictures, relations between systems, and can choose just the right mix of tactics to realize their objectives.

When you tap Wilhite-Richey for strategic marketing-planning engagement, you’ll take a hard look at your marketing in the mirror and think differently about marketing’s potential when the process is over. You’ll be asked do to some serious soul-searching, and you’ll get answers to questions like:

What are the best goals and plans for your company that reflect the present and anticipate the future?

What is a comprehensive and detailed picture of your competitive landscape?

Are you truly leveraging integration of your marketing vehicles and resources?

How could you better leverage your marketing resources?

What are the best marketing practices of other companies like yours?


Your strategic planning engagement must have focus. Other than that, objectives are shaped by your needs and only limited by your imagination. A strategic planning project could target multiple areas such as:

  • Development of a market-driven, flexible and integrated Strategic Marketing Plan
  • Maximization of opportunities to grow current core and specialty businesses; identify new potential specialty or “niche” businesses
  • Development of optimal brand identity and market positioning
  • Internalization of a marketing-driven and relationship-driven “mindset” within your company’s corporate culture (i.e., buy-in at all levels)
  • Examination of your company’s business situation using SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)
  • Visioning the creation of effective client, prospect and market “feedback loops” that build quality of relationships and provide opportunities to improve product and service
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