Small Business

Your Business Is “Big Business”

There is really no such thing as a small business. Any business is “big business” to the entrepreneurs with guts enough to take risks and build personal prosperity on their own terms.

And the problems a small business faces are like that of any enterprise, whether it’s a multi-national corporation or a local dry-cleaning chain. So why should a “mom-and-pop” owner settle for operating at a disadvantage when you could have a sophisticated, proactive and structured approach to your marketing and business development activities?

With Wilhite-Richey’s Small-Business Services, you can fulfill practically any marketing planning, research or marketing campaign need your company might have.

We can help you with optimal brand identity and positioning, give you comprehensive overviews of industry trends, best marketing practices in other markets, and provide mission-critical reconnaissance that details the competitive landscape your business is facing.

Market Studies

You can get the same type of market studies that Wilhite-Richey provides to corporate clients, but custom-scaled for your needs and budget.

Market studies are especially valuable if you are in start-up mode and need mission critical information about the competitive environment you are entering. Plus, a market study can help you advance your business case to potential lenders and investors.

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Marketing Planning & Strategy

We can help you develop the marketing and business goals customized to your needs. With Wilhite-Richey, you receive best-practice thinking and superior marketing planning for your small business. You get strategy and guidance that reflects your company’s present situation while anticipating the future.

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Marketing Communications & Advertising

Wilhite-Richey helps a variety of small to medium size businesses with their consumer and business-to-business marketing and advertising needs.

You get marketing communications, PR and advertising initiatives which deliver the same high-quality concept, creativity and production values that ad agencies 50 times our size are capable of offering (and we don’t break your bank, either!)

Interactive/On-line Solutions

Our interactive and web experience goes back to the mid-1990s, when many of today’s current designers were still in junior high. With Wilhite-Richey, you get an interactive team that has worked with and for global Dotcoms, digital media and e-commerce enterprises. You get the wisdom of these experiences leveraged into your project, plus cutting edge design and functionality all compressed into a web-presence that fits your business’ needs and objectives.


Through our media planning and buying partner Hare Communications, we offer experienced media
planning and a media buyer who understands how to maximize the reach, frequency and
efficiency of your investment.

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