About Us - Overview

Thinking Is Our Business

Louis Wilhite and Russell Richey have been teaming to provide top-drawer marketing research and consulting services to national, regional and local clients for more than twelve years.

In 2002 the long-time research partners formed Wilhite-Richey, a quintessential “boutique” shop concept applied to a marketing research and consulting firm.

Wilhite-Richey positions itself as a long-term relationship partner with you, the client.

Louis goes one-on-one with George Bush, Sr.

The focus is on delivering original, penetrating insights that you can leverage into actionable business strategies and initiatives.

And in a pure think-tank environment, Wilhite-Richey is without the distractions of phone-bank management and other data collection diversions that keep many full-service marketing research firms from bringing their best work to your client relationship.

Our Philosophy: Research is a Meaningful and Necessary Dialogue

Clients value Wilhite-Richey for delivering a no-nonsense approach that simplifies marketing research to its primal essence: a meaningful dialogue between product and service providers and their customers or prospects.

Such a dialogue or “feedback loop” is not an option. In today’s glut of consumer choice, it’s a necessity.

Is a hospital like a magazine or a packaged good or a political candidate? Of course not – they are all obviously different.


Russell conducts a focus group in Birmingham, AL.

But significantly, it is just as important for a hospital to listen to its patients as it is for a magazine to hear the needs of its readers or for a political client to understand the concerns of her constituency.

The issues are different, but the approach is basically the same.

Don’t ever assume you know more than your customer. Take time to ask the right questions and listen carefully.

They will reward you with insights and loyalty that will make your company will prosper.

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